A search for knowledge
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von: Werner J. Kraftsik

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From the earliest beginnings, people have searched for the where from, where to and the meaning of their lives. Because there were and are no satisfactory answers, something otherworldly, something greater, incomprehensible for the origin of the world, the creation of man and for the fate of all had to be cause and cause. This is how the images of God emerged, which developed differently in the various ethnic groups. Where is this god? Who is he? What does he tell people? What does he expect from people and what do people hope for from HIM? Where do they find God - ultimately? It's a long-running search, with surprising results.
Werner J. Kraftsik:
Werner J. Kraftsik, born in 1946, has spent almost his whole life dealing with the question of what is the reason for the existence of everything - above all: WHO is behind it.
Follow him on his search for knowledge.

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