The Welfare of Horses

The Welfare of Horses

Animal Welfare, Band 1

von: N. Waran

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<P>This book describes the development of horse behaviour, and the way in which the management of horses today affects their welfare. Horses for sport, companionship and work are considered and ways of improving their welfare by better training and management is described. The book assesses welfare, nutrition, and behaviour problems with horses. The authors include internationally-recognised scientists from Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia.</P>
Animal welfare is attracting increasing interest worldwide, but particularly from those in developed countries, who now have the knowledge and resources to be able to offer the best management systems for their farm animals, as well as potentially being able to offer plentiful resources for companion, zoo and laboratory animals. The increased attention given to farm animal welfare in the West derives largely from the fact that the relentless pursuit of financial reward and efficiency has led to the development of intensive animal production systems, that challenge the conscience of many consumers in those countries. In developing countries human survival is still a daily uncertainty, so that provision for animal welfare has to be balanced against human welfare. Welfare is usually provided for only if it supports the output of the animal, be it food, work, clothing, sport or companionship. In reality, there are resources for all if they are properly husbanded in both developing and developed countries. The inequitable division of the world’s riches creates physical and psychological poverty for humans and animals alike in all sectors of the world. Livestock are the world’s biggest land user (FAO, 2002) and the population is increasing rapidly to meet the need of an expanding human population. Populations of farm animals managed by humans are therefore increasing worldwide, and there is the tendency to allocate fewer resources to each animal. Increased attention to welfare issues is just as evident for companion, laboratory, wild and zoo animals.
1. Horse Behaviour: Evolution, Domestication and Feralisation; D. Goodwin.
2. Clinical Problems Associated with the Intensive Management of Performance Horses; R.A. Casey.
3. Nutrition and Welfare; N. Davidson, P. Harris.
4. Housing, Management and Welfare; D.S. Mills, A. Clarke.
5. Stereotype Behaviour in the Stabled Horse: Causes, Effects and Prevention Without; J. Cooper, P. McGreevy.
6. The Effects of Transportation on the Welfare of Horses; N. Waran, et al.
7. Training Methods and Horse Welfare; N. Waran, et al.
8. Welfare of the Racehorse during Exercise Training and Racing; D.L. Evans.
9. Specific Welfare Problems Associated with Working Horses; R.T. Wilson.
<p>Written by experts on the field</p><p>Focuses on the major issues affecting the welfare of horses</p><p>Assesses welfare, nutrition, behaviour problems with horses</p>

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