Running Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Running Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Active Directory, Databases, Development, and More

von: Ryan Pothecary

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Did you know that Amazon Web Services runs nearly double the amount of Microsoft Workloads in the cloud than any other provider?

Running Microsoft Workloads in AWS
is your single-source solution for learning the best practice skills and guidance that AWS consultants offer their customers in the field. Over 70% of enterprise workloads are based on Microsoft technologies and AWS has been running these technologies in the AWS Cloud for more than 12 years—far longer than Microsoft’s own Azure cloud platform.

This book introduces AWS foundations and compares them to traditional Microsoft architectures, showing you how to design your AWS Cloud platform to run your current Microsoft solutions. It covers the crucial area of identity and access control, showing how to implement Active Directory inside the AWS platform and the most secure ways of enabling Single Sign On from your own data centers and from Microsoft AzureAD.

The book goes in-depth and shows how developers across the globe are using their existing .NET skills to develop directly on top of AWS, using current AWS development services such as AWS Code Pipeline, AWS Code Build, and AWS Code Deploy to create the next generation of cloud-native applications using the most popular cloud serverless service—AWS Lambda.

What You Will Learn

Be familiar with the basic building blocks of AWS and how the terminology differs from your own data center and Microsoft Azure
Understand Amazon Machine Images (AMI) strategies and solutions to best manage the trade-off between speed and manageability
Run one of the most popular Microsoft products: SQL Server on AWS
Be aware of the different database architecture designs for using Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2
Read an overview of Serverless Development in the AWS cloud from a Microsoft .NET perspective
Know migration strategies for moving your Microsoft Workloads to the AWS Cloud

Who This Book Is For

Covers high-level concepts and solutions for CTOs and CCTOs; provides a solution for architects; and dives deep into the topic for administrators and DevOps engineers

Ryan Pothecary is Senior Specialist Solution Architect for a Cloud-based services company, which he joined four years ago.  He has worked on the AWS platform for the last eight years as part of a near 30-year career in IT. Over the last four years he’s worked directly with customers and partners who are moving to the AWS Cloud. He specializes in helping customers move Microsoft Workloads to AWS and works with customers throughout their entire cloud journey. He is also a member of a Community of engineers, architects, and consultants who help customers run Microsoft Workloads on AWS in every part of the world.  Outside of work he is determined to learn how to play the guitar his wife bought him, even though he has small stubby fingers.

Shows you how to execute Single Sign On and Federation with your existing Active Directory domain infrastructure
Teaches you how to manage a dynamic, changing fleet of IT resources with AWS Systems Manager and the separate services that come under its umbrella
Helps you migrate your Microsoft Workloads into AWS using built-in quick starts and services such as CloudEndure, Migration Evaluator, Server Migration Service, and Application Discovery Service

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