Pyramid Apocalypsia

Pyramid Apocalypsia

The revelations
1. Aufl.

von: Jean Seimple

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From the decoding of the message of the Builders of the Great Pyramid to the discovery of Atlantis, this work compiles all the enigmas resolved by the author on the greatest mysteries that underlie our history; The latter cautiously and discreetly preserved for centuries by certain secret societies... These Truths were before our eyes, at every moment of our lives, without our knowledge. As the Egyptian priests declared: "If you have something to hide, put it in the Sun..." By way of closing all his study, the author reveals to us two new secrets that have never been Published previously, one of which is the resolution of the most mysterious of riddles, ending with an ultimate revelation, perhaps the strangest and most disturbing one...
Jean Seimple:
« Cherche et tu trouveras... » tel est la devise de l'auteur...
Nul besoin d'être un scientifique émérite pour percer les mystères de notre histoire et qu'au contraire, c'était avec des yeux neufs, tel un enfant, que nous devions aborder ces sujets. Pratiquement inconnu en France, son travail est largement diffusé à l'étranger où ses articles sont régulièrement en tête des diffusions.

"Seek and you will find ..." is the motto of the author ...
No need to be an emeritus scientist to unravel the mysteries of our history, and on the contrary, it was with new eyes, such as a child, that we should approach these subjects. Practically unknown in France, his work is widely distributed abroad where his articles regularly lead the broadcasts.

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