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One Girl

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Praise for the Girls Series


About the Book


1. It’s about three girls in Year Nine

2. You can learn all sorts of secrets about me (I’m Ellie)

3. Ditto my best friend Nadine

4. Ditto my equally best friend Magda

5. You can see if your nine all-time heroes/heroines match up with mine

6. You can squirm at my most embarrassing moments

7. You can have lots of laughs (mostly at me!)

8. You might even cry a bit, too

9. PLUS, you get to find out a lot more about BOYS!

The first in Jacqueline Wilson’s mega-best-selling Girls series for teenagers. Now with a new introduction!




  1. Stephanie Dummler and Year Nine Venus (1995), Coombe Girls School.
  2. Becky Heather and Year Nine Chestnut and Beech (1995), The Green School for Girls.
  3. Jane Ingles and the pupils of Hillside School.
  4. Claire Drury and the pupils of Failsworth School – especially Jackelyn and Rachel.
  5. Sarah Greenacre and the pupils of the Stoke High School.
  6. De Reading and the pupils of St Benedict School.
  7. Angela Derby.
  8. Becki Hillman.
  9. To all the other schools who made me so welcome in 1995 and 1996.

It’s great when you have a best friend. It can be even better when you have two best friends. Ellie, Magda and Nadine are in Year Nine and they make a fantastic threesome. I invented them in the space of half an hour! I was staying at my daughter, Emma’s flat, and she was patiently teaching me how to use her computer. I am a total technophobe and a very slow learner. I found myself getting very upset and irritable as I struggled with her unfamiliar keyboard, making all sorts of silly mistakes.

I decided to distract myself by making up a new story. I wanted to write about teenagers for a change. I typed Three girls on Emma’s computer. I thought about my first girl. I liked the name Ellie so I typed that too. I decided she would tell the story. I wanted her to be lively and creative and very good at art. I didn’t want her to be a super-girl with a fabulous figure and absolutely everything going for her. I decided she’d be an ordinary comfy girl size – so she’d worry a bit about getting fat. I gave her little round glasses and a lot of wild, curly dark hair. I liked her a lot.

I felt that Ellie might have a weird, cool gothic girl as one of her friends. I found my fingers typing the name Nadine. She’d be into alternative music and wear black all the time and be much more daring than Ellie. She’d also be one of those irritating girls who could stuff Mars bars all day and still stay as thin as a pin.

I wanted my third girl to be a bright, blonde, bubbly girl, full of fun. I called her Magda. I thought she’d be boy-mad, a little bit spoilt, but basically a great friend to Ellie and Nadine.

There! I had my three girls sorted out by the time I’d typed a page. I found I’d mastered the new keyboard – and I was all set to start my story!

There are four stories about Ellie, Magda and Nadine. The first is Girls in Love. Magda has a boyfriend, Nadine has a boyfriend – and Ellie wishes she has a boyfriend. She’s met a weird, geeky younger boy called Dan on holiday, so she says he’s her boyfriend, but she pretends he’s really this fantastic, gorgeous looking guy. Not a good idea …