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First Edition

Milan-Italy, June 2016

Talents - Unveil them, discover them and display them

Author: Raúl Micieli


Publisher: Raúl Micieli

Copyright © 2016 Editrice Italica First Edition

ISBN: 978-88-6324-210-2


Original title in Italian: Talenti - Svelali, scoprili e realizzali.

Translation and proofreading: Victoria Rodas and María Luz Vazquez.

eBook cover design and pagination: Pablo Cori

The sole objective of this book is the benefit of all Metaphysics students. Funds raised from the sale of this and other books will be donated to a Fund for the Publishing of Study Material for the Metaphysics Groups.


No section of this publication, including the design of the cover, can be reproduced, transmitted or stored in any way or by any means, whether it be mechanical, electrical, digital, chemical, optical, a recording or a photocopy, without the previous written consent of the publishing house.





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Part of this book was taken from a conference given by the author
on January 22, 2016, in Rome, Italy.














“There is no happier human being than the one
who does what they love.”



Metaphysics is a practical philosophy of life which encompasses and summarizes all spiritual teachings given to humanity since the beginning of its existence, and it incorporates the Teachings of the New Age of Aquarius, such as: how to apply the Seven Universal Laws, using the presence of I AM, the Seven Rays and, especially, the practice of the Violet Flame.

The Seven Universal Laws are the guidelines that regulate the good functioning of the Universe. Knowing them and putting them into practice in your life in a positive way is the key to happiness and success.

The Presence of I AM is the Divinity in each one of us, our Spirit, Supreme Being or True Being. It is the divine part that dwells within us; it is true perfection and it can be called, requested to act, to manifest Its Perfection physically, emotionally and mentally.


The Seven Rays are the seven aspects of life, the seven divine virtues. Life is light and light is made up of seven main colors, each one representing the virtues and divine talents that all human beings have within their spirit or Presence I AM.

The Violet Flame is the activity of the Light or the Seventh Ray of the Light, which has the following characteristics: freedom, rhythm, forgiveness, mercy, magic and life transformation. People can consciously attract that light with visualization, thought, feelings and the verb to free themselves from all negative things, through their action.

There is a universal law, the Law of Correspondence, which states: “If you receive something, it is because it corresponds to you.” So, if today you are reading these pages is because this is what corresponds to you and if you do not understand something, do not get frustrated and give this up. Go on reading and you will see that you will understand.


Presence I AM

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