Emily M.

My First Safari

Old West Style

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My name is Emily and I am the author behind many of the beautiful and educational books you can find through our brand. I would like to be the first to welcome you to our brand. Our organization is more than just a book publisher. We are actually a collection of educators, tech wizards, and explorers. I grew up as an only child in a military family. Always moving around meant very long and very boring trips often. To keep my mind busy, I always loved to read. Even from a young age, I loved the idea that a story can take you as far away as you allow it to. I also began to develop a passion for photography. Always moving meant it was important for me to document what I saw around myself before it changed again. As I got older, I became an educator, but I never forgot how powerful photos can be in helping inspire dreams and spur imagination and made sure to include them whenever possible while teaching.