Preserving Order Amid Chaos

Preserving Order Amid Chaos

The Survival of Schools in Uganda, 1971-1986
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von: John Rhodes Paige

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<p> To say that education in Africa is under stress is all to obvious. News reports from that continent seem to describe only war and violence, poverty and malnutrition, corruption and mismanagement, or natural disasters that destroy or threaten already frail infrastructures - most news from Africa is bad news. When an education system survives in a country like Uganda, long subjected to the whims of despotic leadership, it warrants an investigation. This book tells the story of four senior secondary schools during a time of war and intractable social conflict, examining a complex topic through multiple perspectives such as documentary history, oral history, ethnography, and organization theory. The author develops a broad picture of the Amin/Obote years and the accompanying political and social chaos in Uganda, while at the same time filling in the crucial details essential for developing an understanding of school survival in the Kaborole District.</p>
<p> The author's intensive field work gives this study a unique dimension: by preserving a record of African voices - students, teachers, parents, alumni, board members, community leaders - a rich tableau of theh local conditions for school survival emerges. At the same time the discussion is situated within the larger Ugandan historical and political context, thus offering an excellent example of the application of multiple research perspectives to a complex social, cultural and political setting.</p>
<p> List of Maps<br> Preface<br> Acknowledgments<br> List of Abbreviations<br> Maps</p>
<p> <strong>Introduction:</strong> An Overview of the Study</p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 1. </strong>A Socio-historical View: The Context of Ugandan Education<br> <strong>Chapter 2. </strong>A View from the Past: Traditions of Ugandan Education<br> <strong>Chapter 3. </strong>The Story: A National View<br> <strong>Chapter 4. </strong>The Story: A View from the Ground in Kabarole<br> <strong>Chapter 5. </strong>The Story: Viewing Initiatives and Internalities in Kabarole<br> <strong>Chapter 6. </strong>Discussion: The View of an Outsider<br> <strong>Chapter 7. </strong>Discussion: A View toward the Future</p>
<p> <strong>Appendix I: </strong>A Viewing Lens—the Study Methodology<br> <strong>Appendix II: </strong>Calendar of Important Events in Uganda’s Educational History</p>
<p> Glossary<br> References<br> Index</p>
<p> <b>John Rhodes Paige</b> is Assistant Professor of Education at St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, and Research Associate at the Makerere Institute of Social Research, Uganda.</p>

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