Power Electrical Systems

Power Electrical Systems

Extended Papers 2017
ISSN, Band 7 1. Aufl.

von: Faouzi Derbel, Nabil Derbel, Olfa Kanoun

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<p>Power Electrical Systems are an indespensable feature of the exploitation and diagnostics of elecrical machines and energy resources. The Volume presents extended and peer reviewed papers from the international conference on PES in Barcelona, 2014. Among the topics dealt with are: electrical machines design, voltage and control, automotive power drives, electromagnetic compatibility, monitoring and diagnostics, renewable energy systems. </p>
<p>The International Conference on Power Electrical Systems (PES) is a forum for researchers and specialists in different fields of electrical engineering related to Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (HRES); Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems; Topologies and Control of Power Electronics Converters Used in Renewable Energy Systems; Electric machines modelling and control; Automotive electrical systems; Electric machine design; Monitoring and diagnostics; Special machines; Power systems; Power electronic converters; Renewable energy systems; Variable speed drives; Electromagnetic compatibility; Variable speed generating systems; Transformers. </p>
<p>Systems, Signals &amp; Devices is one of the large specializations in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer sciences. It derives input from physics, mathematics and is an indispensable feature of all natural- and life sciences in research and in application. The new series “Advances in Systems, Signals and Devices” presents original publications mainly from speakers on the International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signal and Devices but also from other international authors. The Conference is a forum for researchers and specialists in different fields covering all types of sensors and measurement systems. </p>
<p><strong>Faouzi Derbel,</strong> HTWK Leipzig, Germany, <strong>Nabil Derbel,</strong> Sfax, Tunesia, <strong>Olfa Kanoun,</strong> TU Chemnitz, Germany. </p>

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