Formation for Mission in Catholic Education


Formation for Mission in Catholic Education

Transformation in an Ecological Space
SpringerBriefs in Education

von: William Sultmann, Janeen Lamb, David Hall

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Verlag: Springer
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Veröffentl.: 20.08.2022
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<div>This book arose from commissioned research by the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) on the alignment and effectiveness of 'A Framework for Formation for Mission in Catholic Education' (NCEC, 2017). It articulates contemporary best practice, and traces the experience of the Catholic Church in pursuing formation as integral to mission. This book also reviews and reports on formation within the context of the Catholic school. Its research validates ‘The Framework’ in Catholic education, and provides a complementary narrative for enhancing formation alignment and effectiveness, specifically with a focus on the Catholic school, but also with implications for formation in the wider context of ministry applications.</div><div><br></div><div>This book is developed based on three questions, which also serve as thematic chapters that structure the narrative: what is the context and culture in which formation occurs; how is formation presented and enacted within the Australian context; and how can the understanding and practice of formation be advanced beyond its context and culture, policy, programs and ‘The Framework’ principles.</div>
Chapter One - Context and culture: Establishing a consciousness for formation.-&nbsp;Chapter Two - Policy and programs: Crystallising Framework principles.-&nbsp;Chapter Three - Formation for mission: An ecological model.
<div><div><div>Associate Professor William Sultmann AM is a teacher, psychologist, theologian, and administrator with executive and governance roles in education, health and welfare sectors across 40 years. His qualifications span the arts, education, psychology, and leadership, with research doctorates in educational psychology and pastoral theology. His current position is Associate Professor and Director of Catholic School Identity and Mission within Australian Catholic University (ACU), with responsibilities as Deputy Dean within the La Salle Academy. His interests are with professional writing and governance participation in not-for-profit boards in support of mission, nationally and internationally.</div><div><br></div>Associate Professor Janeen Lamb is a researcher and doctoral supervisor with expertise in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Statistical applications and Research Methods. Her work on leadership and the development of leaders within faith-based cultures has been across several national projects as well as provincial research in support of specific Arch/Dioceses. Janeen's professional experience and expertise have been evidenced in positions as Director, Higher Degree Research in Education, and in instructional leadership in teaching doctoral courses on methodology and statistical applications.&nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div>Professor Br David Hall FMS is the foundation Dean of the La Salle Academy at Australian Catholic University (ACU). David came to this position after 30 years in Catholic education where he held positions as teacher, head of mission and religious education, principal and systems administrator. In addition to his duties as Dean of La Salle, he teaches in the Master of Educational Leadership programme, and is Chair of the Board of Australian Marist Catholic schools. Among his range of international engagements, David also designed and led a Catholic school leaders’ program across 22 countries in Africa.</div></div>
<p>Validates and complements a national statement in Australia on formation in Catholic education</p><p>Advances understanding of formation within a faith based organisation</p><p>Reinforces the centrality of formation as integral to mission</p>

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