Insights Into the Intangible

Insights Into the Intangible

Perceptions of the Invisible Realm

von: Jason L. Hansford

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Veröffentl.: 13.06.2019
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Why bother to pray? Are angels actually near you? Why do I always feel strangely uncomfortable when I go to certain places?
These are all questions that deal with some of the intangible aspects life. We all have circumstances in our lives that make us recognize that there is more than just our physical world. Although it is odd to discuss, the spiritual world exists.
Do you want to know that praying has a real effect? Do you want to have assurance that there are angels around you? Do you want to have spiritual confidence regardless of where you are?
This book gives some insights into these questions and many others related to the invisible realm. Based on a relationship with Jesus Christ, Jason L. Hansford combines the intellectual with the experiential in order to encourage you in your own relationship with God.
Readers may dismiss dreams without realizing God is speaking. Readers may not understand the significance of what they say and how it affects the spiritual constructs around them. Jason attempts to point out the significance of these and other aspects of walking with God.
Readers who have enjoyed seeking God with all of their heart may be encouraged to pray even more fervently after understanding some of the major spiritual impacts they have through their relationship with Jesus.
Readers also may recognize some trouble areas where they didn't realize they were giving the enemies of God authority. Jason found out about some of these trouble areas the hard way.

Following difficulties adjusting back to "normal" life after the military, Jason began having frequent and intense experiences with the intangible (both positive and negative). Like many people, he experienced circumstances that weren't easily explained by physical processes. Despite his three graduate degrees, Jason found that living in peace and understanding required more than "head knowledge." As his relationship with God grew, Jason found Scripture and the Holy Spirit could shed light on what he was going through.
Now he distills what he has learned from the invisible realm and uses it to practically help others in whatever capacity he is in. He has learned how spiritual realities affect his work in an office, relationships, growing as a father, and speaking at civic, religious, and veterans' events.
Be encouraged as you are able to relook at your own experiences through a new lens by reading Insights into the Intangible!

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