Creative Library Marketing and Publicity

Creative Library Marketing and Publicity

Best Practices
Best Practices in Library Services

von: Robert J. Lackie, M. Sandra Wood

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Verlag: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Veröffentl.: 17.09.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9781442254220
Sprache: englisch
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Creative Library Marketing and Publicity: Best Practices shares the success of libraries of various sizes and typessmall to large public, academic, and school libraries, systems, and organizations. Each best-practice scenario describes a library's successful experience with marketing, branding, and promoting a library service or program, providing information about planning, actual promotion techniques, and evaluating the success of the plan or promotion methods. Most importantly, each include tips and best practices for readers. Many of these ideas and techniques are applicable across the board, so they will help you implement similar methods to promote your library services and programs and spark different and unique uses for these techniques. Strategies covered include: Using constituents' voices in outreach effortsBuilding a social media presenceCrafting step-by-step marketing plansPlanning and implementing branding campaignsCreating buzz with promotional videosUsing e-mail marketing in outreachMarketing a new library spaceMarketing on a shoestring budgetDrawing on the best practices, experience, and expertise of library personnel from public, academic, and school libraries, this volume brings together a variety of marketing plans and creative methods for promoting libraries and their programs and services to a twenty-first-century audience. All library employees should be able to take away something from these creative, successful efforts and apply tips, techniques, and best practice suggestions to their own library marketing efforts.

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