Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics

Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics

Introduction for Applied Scientists and Engineers
2. Aufl.

von: Francis C. Moon

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Veröffentl.: 20.11.2008
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A revision of a professional text on the phenomena of chaotic vibrations in fluids and solids. Major changes reflect the latest developments in this fast-moving topic, the introduction of problems to every chapter, additional mathematics and applications, more coverage of fractals, numerous computer and physical experiments. Contains eight pages of 4-color pictures.
How to Identify Chaotic Vibrations.<br> <br> Models for Chaos;<br> Maps and Flows.<br> <br> Chaos in Physical Systems.<br> <br> Experimental Methods in Chaotic Vibrations.<br> <br> Criteria for Chaotic Vibrations.<br> <br> Fractals and Dynamical Systems.<br> <br> Spatiotemporal Chaos.<br> <br> Appendices.<br> <br> References.<br> <br> Author Index.<br> <br> Subject Index.
About the author FRANCIS C. MOON is a professor at Cornell University in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He served as Director of this school for five years and was also Chairman of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. He is an Associate Editor of the journal, Chaos, and the author of Magneto-Solid Mechanics and a forthcoming book, Superconducting Levitation and Bearings. Dr. Moon received his PhD in theoretical and applied mechanics at Cornell University and taught for seven years at Princeton University before returning to Cornell. In addition to his many published papers in chaos, Dr. Moon has lectured at over 60 universities in North America, Europe, and Asia, and given numerous short courses in chaos and fractals to several corporations and government laboratories. His chaos experiments have also appeared on the PBS program, "Nova."
Since the publication of Francis Moon's Chaotic Vibrations in 1987, new discoveries in nonlinear dynamics have been made. Scientists and engineers have been particularly intrigued by the applications of these new ideas in chaotic dynamics and fractals to electrical, mechanical, as well as other physical systems. Retaining its unique emphasis on the physical nature of chaos, the latest edition of Moon's highly regarded work on the phenomena of chaotic vibrations translates these new mathematical ideas in nonlinear dynamics into language that engineers and scientists can readily use and apply. The revisions and enhancements in Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics not only reflect new developments in this fast-moving field but are also responses to the requests of many readers who applauded the original edition's stress on physical systems and experiments. Accordingly, this updated edition now includes:<br> * problems that appear at the end of every chapter making the book more suitable for use as a text<br> * an entirely new chapter devoted to summarizing basic concepts of coupled iterative difference equations or maps as they relate to chaotic dynamics<br> * more coverage of fractals, including an introduction to multifractals<br> * an expanded number of physical applications, including new references to experimental observations of chaos, along with appropriate mathematical models<br> * additional discussion of experimental tools used to predict and quantify chaotic dynamics in physical systems<br> * new material on empirical and theoretical criteria for chaos<br> * an introduction to a major new direction in chaos research- spatio-temporal dynamics<br> * more than 100 new references throughout the book and an expanded listing of chaotic toys and experiments in the appendices<br> Reflecting the vitality of new mathematical ideas in nonlinear dynamics, Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics will prove to be invaluable reading for applied scientists and engineers, including those involved in such diverse areas as mechanical and structural vibrations, nonlinear circuit design, control theory and robotics, machine noise, laser dyanmics, flow-induced motions, and chemical and bio-dynamics. With the addition of new problem sets in every chapter, the book will also serve the textbook needs of physics and engineering instructors in graduate courses in dynamics and chaos.

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