Borders, Culture, and Globalization

Borders, Culture, and Globalization

A Canadian Perspective
Politics and Public Policy

von: Victor Konrad, Melissa Kelly

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<p>Border culture emerges through the intersection and engagement of imagination, affinity and identity. </p><p>It is evident wherever boundaries separate or sort people and their goods, ideas or other belongings. It is the vessel of engagement between countries and peoples—assuming many forms, exuding a variety of expressions, changing shapes—but border culture does not disappear once it is developed, and it may be visualized as a thread that runs throughout the process of globalization.</p><p>Border culture is conveyed in imaginaries and productions that are linked to borderland identities constructed in the borderlands. These identities underlie the enforcement of control and resistance to power that also comprise border cultures. </p><p>Canada’s borders in globalization offer an opportunity to explore the interplay of borders and culture, identify the fundamental currents of border culture in motion, and establish an approach to understanding how border culture is placed and replaced in globalization.</p><p><i>Published in English.</i></p>
<p>Canada’s borders in globalization illustrate the power and richness of culture through the intersection and engagement of imagination, affinity and identity. Border culture is the vessel of engagement between countries and peoples—assuming many forms—yet, remaining a thread in globalization.
<p>List of Figures</p><p>List of Tables</p><p> </p><p>Foreword</p><p>Acknowledgements</p><p> </p> <h4>Introduction</h4><p>Culture, Globalization, and Canada’s Borders</p><p><em>Victor Konrad and Melissa Kelly</em></p><p> </p> <h4>Viewing Border Culture </h4><ol><li>Sight and Site on the Line: The Cultural Imaginary of Borderlands in North America<br> <em>Lee Rodney</em><br>  </li> <li>Imagining Nighttime Detroit<br> <em>Michael Darroch</em><br> <br> </li> <li>Bordering Things: Objects and Subjugated Struggle at the Border<br> <em>Anelynda Mielke and Nadya Pohran</em><br> <br> </li> <li>Border Cultures: A Retrospective<br> Part 1. A Context for Border Cultures and Conversations with the Curator<br> <em>Victor Konrad </em><br> Part 2. Border Cultures: The Exhibitions<br> <em>Srimoyee Mitra</em></li> </ol> <p> </p> <h4>Borders and Culture in Motion</h4><p> </p> <p >5. The Snowbirds: A Cultural Movement across Borders<em><br> Melissa Kelly</em></p> <p > </p> <p >6. Passing Through or Living Here: Body and Self In-Between and On Edge in the Borderland Region of Stanstead, Quebec, and Derby Line, Vermont<em><br> Sandra Vandervalk</em></p> <p > </p> <p >7. North American Cyber New Regionalism in Canada: Online Cultural Borderlands and Change through New Media<em><br> Alexander Rudolph</em></p> <p > </p> <p >8. #Welcome Refugees: A Canadian Phenomenon That Illustrates the Temporal Dimension of Border Constructs<em><br> Renata Grudzien</em></p><p> </p> <h4>Placing and Replacing Border Culture: Indigenous Perspectives</h4><p> </p> <p >9. Across Borders and Cultures: Thomas King’s Artistic Activism</p> <p ><em>Evelyn P. Mayer</em></p> <p > </p> <p >10. In the Space between Aboriginal Sovereignty and National Security: Re-engaging Border Security and Mohawk Culture at Akwesasne</p> <p ><em>Laetitia Rouvière</em></p> <p > </p> <p >11. Sport, Globalization, and the Bordering Process: The Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team and the Issue of Contested National Identities</p> <p ><em>Heidi Weigand and Colin Howell</em></p> <p > </p> <p >12. A Biocultural Planning Approach for Managing Transborder Cultural Heritage Landscapes</p> <p ><em>Scott Cafarella, Joel Konrad, and Rebecca Sciarra</em></p><p> </p> <h4>Conclusion</h4><p>Borders, Culture, and Globalization: Some Conclusions, More Uncertainties, and Many Challenges</p><p>Melissa Kelly and Victor Konrad</p><p> </p><p>Contributors</p><p>Index</p>
<b>Melissa Key</b> a œuvré dans le projet Borders in Globalization à l’Université Carleton en tant que chercheuse postdoctorale. Elle détient un doctorat en géographie sociale et économique de l’Université Uppsala.
<p>“Ideas, people, commodities, and capital are flowing across borders like never before, creating new possibilities for cultural change. Political borders are, in this process, being moved and even transcended, their meaning redefined. These are cultural and political acts. On the other hand, these processes have been challenged by construction of new boundaries and barriers, as people try to defend existing conceptions of border culture, identity and belonging.”</p>

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