Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development

Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development

von: Wayne Graham

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Veröffentl.: 10.06.2012
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Today's Facebook is emerging to become tomorrow's operating system, according to some. Certainly, a WebOS. Web standards-based apps using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and more are now possible on Facebook. Why not get started with developing and selling Facebook game apps on Facebook's App Store?

Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development gets you started with building your first game apps that run on Facebook. Become your own "Zynga" and create your own "Civilization" or "Farmville" and more. Build rich Web-based apps that you can sell on Facebook's App Store.
Because these apps are built on Web standards, you can build and run on many browsers and—more interestingly—more computers, tablets, smartphones and even other devices and appliances that are Web-connected or enabled.

Your First Steps in Facebook Development
A JavaScript Boot Camp
It’s All About Context: Canvas Basics
The Plan: Idea to Design
Essential Game Components
Your First Game: "Alien Turtle Invasion"
Going Social With Games
Introducing the Facebook Platform
Facebook Developer Tools
Launching Your Games
Your First Facebook Game: "Social Alien Turtle Invasion"
HTML5 Game Engines
Using All the Tools: Your Future Facebook Games
The Marketplace: Project Spartan (Facebook App Store)

Wayne Graham is the head of research and development in the Department of Digital Research and Scholarship at the University of Virginia Libraries (a.k.a. Scholars Lab), and is passionate about open source, web application technologies, and their application to research in the humanities. Social media, including Facebook, are driving today's fastest innovations.

Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development lets you build your first game apps on one of the largest social media sites.

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